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The Forge is About Access not Excess

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After a major renovation, a glamorous Miami Beach staple is open again, but with a lot of changes. In tonight’s Style File. 7s Belkys Nerey shows us how we can all afford the new Forge.

WSVN — The Forge has been a decadent Miami Beach institution since the 90’s often a hot spot for the rich and famous. The restaurant wasn’t always within everyone’s budget.

Well, times have changed welcome to the new, more affordable Forge.

Shareef Malnik: “The new Forge is about access. As opposed to what we began in the 90’s of excess.”

Owner Shareef Malnik shut down the forge 11 months ago for renovations and has now reopened with a new attitude, one that reflects the struggling economy.

Shareef Malnik: “The days where you just charge anything for food, alcohol and wine are pretty much over. What we really want to do is build a loyal customer that comes back several times a week.”

Don’t get the wrong impression the Forge is still glamorous, adorned with giant chandeliers and mirrors. A library and a stunning dining area, but there’s a much more casual side starting with the new bar.

Shareef Malnik: “It’s your neighborhood bar with six televisions, eight beers on tap. 50 beers by the bottle. 80 wines by the glass.”

A casual and easy spot to have a quick bite to eat or let their mixologist whip up a tasty cocktail.

Judy Schottenstein: “It’s totally a change from my mother’s Forge because my parents used to bring me for special occasions, this is now the place to come for any occasion.”

The biggest change is the menu , which has a heavy focus on snacks at decent prices from $6 to $15.

Expect the unusual from executive chef Dewey Losasso with items like lobster peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

Dewey LoSasso: “It’s taking comfort food and elevating it a little bit it’s my favorite one.”

Fig and white bean dum sum a spinach salad with a sunny side up egg or a burger with a twist of vino.

Dewey LoSasso: “This is our burger and bordeaux, featuring a shot of bordeaux, and then we’re taking a hamburger, angus burger, then adding lobster to it and boneless short ribs.”

And instead of a pricey wine list, now you can be your own sommelier they’ve installed enomatic wine machines where you add money to a debit card, and then sample 80 different bottles of wine.

Dewey LoSasso: “You insert the card, you can see which wine you want and then try it by the ounce, three ounces or five ounces.”

Dewey LoSasso: “I have wines where you can get a glass of wine for $6. Where else can you get a glass for six bucks in Miami Beach?”

Bottom line, the Forge is still a fortress, but now anyone can scale it.

Belkys Nerey: “Now you can still go there and have a extravagant and expensive dining experience if you want. That’s the thing the owner wanted to offer dining and drink options for every budget.”


The Forge Restaurant
432 West 41st Street
Miami Beach, FL 33140-3504
(305) 538-8533

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