The Forge Restaurant | Wine Bar by Shareef Malnik

The Forge, Miami Beach, (305) 538-8533

Deco Drive Loves The Forge Restaurant | Wine Bar by Shareef Malnik (Hottest Restaurant in Miami Beach)

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Here are some very special images of the interior of Miami’s Hottest Restaurant, The Forge. We look forward to your visit.

The Forge is a place rich with Miami history. It’s where you go to see, and been seen. This iconic restaurant closed for a year for a makeover. Now they’re back and better than ever and of course our own Shireen Sandoval had to get a taste test.

Believe it or not, the iconic restaurant closed for one year: All to get a magnificent makeover and boy did they ever now The Forge is back and better than ever. Taste test anyone?

One Miami Beach icon has a new look. What’s old is new again at The Forge.

SHAREEF: “The new forge is paying an homage to where we came from and trying to bridge that to where we want to go.”

It’s still the kind of place where you go to see, and be seen.

SHAREEF: “I dont want this to only a special occasion restaurant where you are coming in for your wedding or anniversary cause its so special (right) i want you to come here a couple of times a week.”

They gutted 90 percent of the restaurant took out nearly half the seats and voila

SHAREEF: “I wanted to create a fabulous home where you would come and stay and live in it does feel very homey.”

The library has a collection from” books and books,” and the board room is: Well off with her head but this 42 year old institution is always about the food.

SHAREEF: “The menu reflects where we’re going w/ the restaurant and that is allowing you to choose your own path.”

Don’t freak out, they kept some of the old favs, but, the new chef wants you to find some new ones, too.

SHIREEN: “Talk a little bit about the menu. has it changed and if it has how would you describe it now.”

DEWEY LOSASSO: “There is a sense of lightens to the menu and when you look at all the blonde wood and everything thats going on in the restaurant. i think the food had to match that.”

The Forge is using local food to create some new and yummy menu items.

No you aren’t seeing things they let me in the kitchen. Pile fresh lobster on a sandwich with onion marmalade and pureed peanuts and they also have something called snapper in a bag, which really is fresh snapper cooked in a bag.

DEWEY: “Here i need you to tie the top for me.”

Everything on the menu is delish just leave room for dessert.

DEWEY: “This is banana flutternutters (omg) instead of bread we take banana bread that we make in house (thats ridiculous) homemade marshmallow a little peanut butter.”

Feeling thirsty?

SHIREEN: “Look at the bar (isn’t it an amazing bar) its so. its gigantic. its ginormus (and its its just a place to eat to hang out its perfect.”

DEWEY LOSASSO: “The concept is really a neighborhood restaurant you go to and you have this living space where you hang out and read a great book, have something to eat and have a glass of wine.”

Speaking of wine red or white? It all depends on your appetite: And on the new “forge wine ap.”

SHAREEF: “Well if you werent sure you wanted to try you can pick up the i touch which is also available as the i app on your iphone.”

The wines are categorized by flavor the app even helps you pair it with food. The box of wine in my fridge doesn’t give me that much info

SHAREEF: “Then you can twitter it and then shireen toasts you with a glass of cab at the Forge.”

Just get one of the forge’s pre-paid wine cards and la-chigh-em. 3 ounces is a taste, 5’s a swig or just go for the glass.

SHAREEF: “People today dont need to be spoon fed things. if you walk into an apple store people are busy doing things on their own-so here you can be your own somali.”

We didn’t want to pry on the bathroom going customers — but the powder rooms are to die for. Can you say hollywood dressing room?

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