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OceanDrive – The Forge and Dewey LoSasso – Miami’s Longtime Steakhouse

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Few restaurants in Miami have the long and distinguished history of The Forge. Throughout the decades, customers have remained loyal with everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Chris Bosh dining the night away at the 41st Street eatery (Brett Ratner and Mickey Rourke were busboys ther back in the day). Now, thanks to a stunning facelift, The Forge is celebrating a new era. Gone are the dark woods and heavy, old fashioned bar; in their place is a dazzling, light-filled space with large Murano-glass chandeliers. After overseeing this physical transformation, owner Shareef Malnik upped the ante by hiring renowned Miami chef Dewey LoSasso to take the culinary helm.

Traditionally Novel

“I spent about 12 weeks going over the menu, and it’s been tweaked twice since the March reopening. At the old Forge, menus seldom changed. For example, this is one of the first places to do chopped salad. Why would you ever take it off the menu? And the dressing is perfect. So how do we make it better? We added some Angus-beef tataki and porcinitomato, which is the equivalent of a culinary hug. The Super Steak has been on the menu for 20 years, so we weren’t going to touch it. But there is a new steak dish–Coffee and Eggs–and I recently added a 12-ounce New York strip: It’s smaller and you don’t have to commit to the higher price point. That’s another aspect of the new Forge: You can spend money but you don’t have to. It’s an affordable, comfortable living space, not just a restaurant.”

Family Matters
In 1968 Alvin Malnik bought the site of an old Miami Beach black smith’s shop; a year later he opened the doors to the opulent, original Forge. It’s always been a family business, and that’s what drew LoSasso to the project. “At The Forge, you’ll find the same guy has been making the macadamia-nut roll for 30 years. marva, the receptionist, has also been here that long. There are business elements, family elements, and that’s why I took the job. On Mother’s Day there was a table with three generations of longtime regulars, and they all had something different; lobster peanut butter and jelly, mushroom risotto, and of course a steak. The family that dines together….”

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Thanksgiving at The Forge thursday November 25th, 2010 6PM

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First Course











Second Course




For the Table







$65.00 per person *does not include tax and gratuity

for reservations please call 305 538 8533



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2010 Oceanfront Nights – Art Basel – Dinner At The Forge – Great Night

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2010 Oceanfront Nights: Presented by Art Basel Miami Beach and Creative Time
This year, Art Basel Miami Beach hosts a nightly program at the Oceanfront, organized by Creative Time, sited in an environment designed by Phu Hoang Office and Rachely Rotem Studio. The pavilion uses two types of rope – reflective and phosphorescent – to create a diverse and interactive environment of open-air structures that sway and glow in the night.
The 2010 Oceanfront Nights program features four cities at the forefront of today’s artistic experimentation and cross-disciplinary collaboration: Detroit, Mexico City, Berlin, and Glasgow.

From December 1 to December 4, each night will spotlight one city with film, music, video, performance and more. Art Basel Miami Beach and Creative Time invited four organizations to partner on creating the program – the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, Museo Tamayo in Mexico City, 032c in Berlin, and Tramway in Glasgow.

The Oceanfront at Collins Park, between 21st and 22nd Streets is free and open to the public from Dec 1 – 4, 2010, 6pm to midnight, with refreshments provided by the Oceanfront bar and a selection of local food trucks. For more information:

Wednesday, Dec 1, 2010 DETROIT In partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit 6pm Happy hour with music from Detroit 7pm Dance performance by Biba Bell and Jmy Leary, ‘Oneness: Making it with Love’ 8pm Screening of the ‘Lost Landscapes of Detroit,’ compiled by the Prelinger Archive followed by a discussion with Luis Croquer, Meredith Johnson, and artists from the Detroit program 9pm Live DJ set with DJ R E L A X E R (Macho City/Disco Secret) and Dj Dez-Andres (Slum Village) 10pm Art Loves Music, concert on the beach, featuring Canada’s Metric 11pm ‘Enter the Darkness,’ with ‘Danjee Flesh Nation’: Jennifer Price, Jimbo Easter, Brett Lee Pickins, Ami Seal, and Noah Eikoff (music performance)

Thursday, Dec 2, 2010 MEXICO CITY In partnership with Museo Tamayo 6pm Happy hour with music from Mexico City 7pm Discussion with Sofia Hernández Chong Cuy and Patrick Charpenel on the Mexico City Cultural Scene 7.30pm Presentations by Pase Usted, with Pedro Reyes, Claudia Fernández, Raúl Cárdenas/Torolab, Mariana Muguía/OPA, Jorge Méndez Blake 8pm ‘Visits’ video series: Carlos Amorales 8.30pm ‘Volume’: Live concert by El Resplandor 9.15pm ‘Visits’ video series: Tania Pérez Cordoba and Abraham Cruzvillegas 9.30pm ‘Volume’: Live concert by Pellejos 10.15pm ‘Visits’ video series: Melanie Smith 10.30pm Live DJ set by Torolab’s Raúl Cárdenas

Friday, Dec 3, 2010 BERLIN In partnership with 032c 6pm Happy hour with music from Berlin 7pm Isa Melsheimer and Arno Brandlhuber, ‘Concrete Society,’ lecture on ideological clash, architectural destruction and brutiful objects 8pm Aids-3d, presented by PROGRAM (Berlin) ‘舞88: Mixed Reality,’ performance with multimedia motion-tracking and video 9pm 80*81 (Georg Diez / Christopher Roth), screening, reading, performance 10pm Live DJ set with Broken Hearts Club

Saturday, Dec 4, 2010 GLASGOW In partnership with Tramway 6pm Happy Hour with Torsten Laushmann, screening of ‘Digital Clock (Growing Zeroes),’ 2010 7pm Video screenings: Corin Sworn, ‘After School Special’, 2009 and Torsten Laushmann, ‘Skipping over Damaged Areas,’ 2010, commissioned by LUX 7.30pm Stephen Sutcliffe, performance 8pm ‘Beethovens Fifth Symphony (X8) in C minor: Op 67 (after Stefan Wolpe, originally performed circa 1920/21.),’ performance by Raydale Dower 8.30pm ‘A Grammar for Listening (part 2),’ 2010, a video by Luke Fowler and Erica La Casa 9pm ‘Hallo Welcome To Keith Street,’ 2010, a performance by Sue Tompkins 9.30pm ‘Improvising around songs on a customized guitar,’ a performance by Rob Churm 10pm ‘The End is a Tumultuous noise,’ 2010, a performance by Cara Tolmie 10.30pm Martin Creed and his band 11.15 pm Pro Vinylist Karim (PVK) DJ Set

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Chris Bosh, Gabrielle Anwar, Jeffrey Donovan eat at The Forge

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OceanDrive welcomed the Miami Heat’s 26-year-old, $110 million, six-foot 10 superstar, Chris Bosh, to Miami’s hottest restaurant The Forge (a logical location to host the party considering its soaring ceilings). Photographers snapped, hordes nibbled delicious bites, and owner Shareef Malnik worked the room-flanked by Burn Notice actress Gabreille Anwar, looking appropriately gorgeous. Among the guest at the post-soiree dinner for Bosh (a sweetheart, really) were Anwar’s costar Jeffrey Donovan and hotelier Nathan Lieberman. Needless to say, the joint was packed. What else would you expect for a superstar and a super restaurant?

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Why Come To Miami This Season – Art Basel & The Forge Restaurant

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2010 Art Public

9 public art works in Miami Beach

Art Public, curated this year for the second time by Patrick Charpenel of Guadalajara, Mexico, features 9 projects by internationally renowned artists from seven countries. The projects will be installed in the outdoor public spaces of Miami Beach, within close proximity to the Oceanfront area and the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The 2010 edition of Art Public will present works that engage directly with the viewer, interrupting the daily routine of passersby in poetic and surprising ways. Most of the works are site-specific and commissioned for Art Basel Miami Beach, including the projects by François Bucher and Minerva Cuevas; Fyodor Pavlov Andreevich will present a new site-specific performance.

Andrea Bowers: Educate, Agitate, Organize, 2010 / Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York François Bucher: The Man Who Disappeared, 2010 / Proyectos Monclova, México John Chamberlain: Piquanteagle, 2009 / Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color Aditivo, 1975-2010 / Sicardi Gallery, Houston
Minerva Cuevas: Atlas (Homage to Jean Vigo), 2010 / kurimanzutto, México D.F. Runa Islam: Magical Consciousness, 2010 / White Cube, London Marco Maggi: Global Myopia, 2010 / Josée Bienvenu Gallery, New York Jorge Méndez Blake: There is no Easy Way from the Earth to the Stars, 2010 / OMR, México, Meessen De Clercq, Bruxelles
Fyodor Pavlov Andreevich: The Great Vodka River, 2010 / Galeria Luciana Brito, São Paulo

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The Top 10 Best Celebration Restaurants – The Forge Miami Beach

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Whether it’s your birthday, your anniversary, or time for a holiday meal with friends, you’ll need a special-occasion restaurant – a spot that takes its service as seriously as its food, that coddles you and makes you feel, well, special. Here are some of our favorites

By Andrew Knowlton, December 2010

The Forge, Miami Beach

Admittedly, this newly renovated Miami Beach legend is not ideal for a quiet tete-a-tete with a a loved one. But for livelier occasions, it can’t be beat, with atmosphere, decor, and food that are all a bit over the top. 4321 41st Street, 305-538-8533,

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Miami Beach High Hall of Fame Awards – Shareef Malnik

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Shareef Malnik owner of the Miami Restaurant, The Forge is honored on Friday November 12, 2010 with Miami Beach High Hall of Fame award at a special luncheon at Marriott Biscayne Bay celebrating the 7 honorees. Shareef graduated Beach High class of 1975 and went on to attend Law School at University of Miami.  Past hall of fame inductees have included BernieYuman; Jeanne Hart Wolf; Stephen m. Ross; Brett Ratner; Mitchell Kaplan; Ambassador David C. Litt to mention just a few.  
The celebration commenced with an address to Miami Beach High student assembly by honorees. Shareef noted in his speech that one should search passionately for your special purpose in life.

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Gaberielle Anwar and Shareef Malnik – The Love Story Continues

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All we hear about is couples breaking up, so it’s refreshing to see a love story playing out right here in Miami.
And the relationship between Gabrielle Anwar and Shareef Malnik, owner of the famous Forge Restaurant and Wine Bar shows no signs of dying down.
The pair manages to stay close even though Anwar is working up to 18 hour days filming the USA Network hit Burn Notice.
“I text him all day long from the set and tell him what’s going on,” Anwar said Saturday at the Make-A-Wish Ball at the Intercontinental Miami Hotel.
“I get pictures from the set, I meet her on the set for lunch,” interjected Malnik, the ball’s chairman.
The Forge owner, 52, and the British actress, 40, watch episodes together when they can.
“I don’t really have time to watch TV but Burn Notice is definitely on my TiVo,” he said emphatically. “I’m her biggest fan.”
Anwar — who plays Fiona Glenanne, the bad-ass girlfriend of super spy Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) — couldn’t divulge too many plot points of the midseason premiere, airing 10 p.m. Thursday.
Last we saw of Westen, he had just been shot. What happens?
“I guess we’ll find out if he bleeds to death or gets plugged up,” joked Anwar. “I think he gets plugged up.”
Anwar would say that fans can expect lots of action.
“I think the actual finale of the next few episodes is pretty powerful,” she said. “It was a lot of work, there are a lot of explosions and a lot of gunpowder.”
With all these fireworks, does Malnik worry?
“I don’t,” he said, grabbing her close. “She’s pretty tough.”

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Miami New Times Best of 2010 – Dewey LoSasso, The Forge Chef, Lifetime Best Miami Chef Acheivement Award

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Past winners of our annual lifetime achievement type of award (where seniority counts!): Van Aken, Militello, Susser, Oudin, Ruiz, Bernstein, Schwartz, Rodriguez, and Hutson. It is time to etch Eismann and LoSasso into our Rushmore of pioneering Miami chefs. Jonathan Eismann introduced pan-Asian cooking and spearheaded fine dining on Lincoln Road when he opened Pacific Time in 1993; back then, there was nothing fine about the pedestrian mall. Next, Eismann leapt into the Design District with more globally inspired PT2 — and leapt some more with PizzaVolante, Q American Barbeque, and Fin seafood joint, all in the same neighborhood. The man ain’t slowing down. Nor is Dewey LoSasso, who first impressed at the Foundlings Club during the early ’80s. He was opening executive chef of Tuscan Steak and really hit his stride when he and wife Dale opened North One 10 in 2004. He, as well as Eismann, recognized early the importance of a place-of-your-own to pursue a personal culinary vision — his was the use of quality local ingredients, which he turned into fresh, creative, delectable American fare. After the locally loved but economically unsuccessful establishment closed, LoSasso took a consolation prize and secured one of the most sought-after chef gigs: helming the landmark The Forge Restaurant | Wine Bar by Shareef Malnik as it reopened in its gloriously renovated return. The renewed attention these comeback chefs have received is enough to make one believe that dedication, talent, and integrity really do prevail.

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